Our Favorite Tips on gifts for the Hostess with the Mostest!

Whether it's backyard BBQ, summer pool party or an impulsive road trip to stay with relatives or friends, we love when friends and family visit, and we love visiting them as well! 

The number one rule to abide by when visiting friends or family is to never arrive empty-handed!

Summer hostess party gifts

Between busy weekdays, and a packed social calendar, we know it's hard to come up with the perfect gift your host or hostess, that is thoughtful, practical and personal!

Here are our tips that say Thank You, but also make sure that they impress beyond flowers or a bottle of wine (as much as we all love those too)!

ONE: Include something Special

Whether you gift something that is handmade by you or a local artisan, make sure to include something that is special. Something that they wouldn't think to purchase for themselves!

TWO: Get Personal

    Include a handwritten Thank You Note. We've all hosted, and know it can be hard work! Between the shopping, the cleaning beforehand, the entertaining, and more cleaning afterward. A personal handwritten note is a nice touch to show how much you appreciate their generosity!

    THREE: Keep it Light

      Even if they're your best friend and you know more than anyone else, décor is personal, and hard to get right! Everyone has their own taste and vibe that they're trying to keep in their own home. A heavyweight painting or vase, as stylish as they may be, may not be their taste, or the right vibe for their home! Plus, it's easier on you if you don't have to lug anything heavy to a party! 

      FOUR: Gifts that help with Entertaining are Great

      You already know that they likely enjoy the hosting! Give them something that they'd appreciate having on hand for the next party!


      FIVE: Be Thoughtful 

        Everyone probably appreciates a great bottle of wine or flowers, but they are rather generic. Thoughtful gifts feel like they were picked and wrapped just for them!
        We have a collection of gifts that will show them that they are the hostess with the mostest!

        Browse our collection of thoughtfully curated options for the Hostess with the Mostest!


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