This one's for all the tea lovers!

Would you like a cup of tea?

We hear this phrase when people visit, maybe when people are down and need a pick me up, or just when they want to chat.

gifts for tea lovers

Tea is a magical drink, it can wake you up or it can put you to sleep.

Tea is just as much a necessity in a group as it is when you're alone.

Tea for relaxation, tea is for calming those nerves, tea is for those fleeting moments when you need some focus.

We will never turn down a good cup of tea!


Because so many of Life's Moments are just Better with Tea. 

We were inspired by our love of tea to curate a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life! 

Our Tea-spriration gift box is a perfect gift for any tea lover who would appreciate the times when nothing but a cup of tea will do!

 ONE: Daily Ritual

We love to start our day with a cup of tea. It is part of the daily routine, enjoy the slower moments of your day, before the hustle and the to-do lists begin. The smell of freshly steeped tea wakes you up, and you're ready to conquer the day!

 It helps us start our day on the right foot!

Gifts for tea lovers

 TWO: Catching up with your BFF

We love it when our BFFs come to visit. A good cup of tea makes our catch up sessions even better. Whether it's venting about your week, or celebrating your wins, these catch up sessions are the perfect time to steep your favorite tea.

gifts for tea lovers

 THREE: With a Good Read

A cup of tea and a good book are a match made in heaven! Snuggle on your couch, and a cup of warm tea in hand and get lost in the book.

gifts for tea lovers

 FOUR: Calm your nerves

Tea helps you calm your nerves. Imagine sitting down with just a warm cup of tea, and nothing but your thoughts. Whether it's before a big day, or calming down before your

gifts for tea lovers

FIVE: A Gathering of Friends

Having a few friends over? Why not have a tea party!

Whip up some finger foods, desserts or sandwiches, and steep a few types of tea, and make it a celebration!

gifts for tea lovers

Know a Tea Lover?

We were inspired by our love of tea to curate a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life! 

Our Tea-spriration gift box is a perfect gift for any tea lover!

It includes:

  • Two types of tea: A green tea for when they need to calm their nerves, or and a black tea to help them focus
  • Tea infuser to easily brew the tea 
  • A keepsake mug for enjoying with their cup of tea
  • A honey pot to sweeten their beverage
  • Tea-infused snack to accompany their cup of tea


gifts for tea lovers



Tea Lover Gift Ideas

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