You're a pineapple!

You're a pineapple!

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In a world full of apples, you're a pineapple. 

Whether invited for a dinner party or a long weekend, your host/hostess blew you away with their generosity. 

Thank them for their hospitality. 

The collection includes:

• A dishtowel - with an elegant pineapple sketch design

• An elegant pineapple shaped ceramic salt and pepper shaker set in white and  gold

• Pineapple shaped high-quality metal tea infuser and loose leaf tea to make a  perfect cup of tea

• Scrumptious artisan-made pineapple jalapeno jam


Perfect to show your host how much you appreciate their generosity.

P.S. Your gift may differ slightly from the picture due to individual product availability. We will make every effort to ensure that it delivers the same experience to the intended giftee.